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Ants tend to live in colonies and have been found to be very social insects. However, they may be a bother especially if they invade your home and that is why at JPC pest control Gold coast, we know the importance of not only getting rid of the ants, but also the eradication of the entire colony. Ants may enter your home when looking for food or they may be seeking shelter. Once ants find a food source in your home, they tend to leave trails for other ants to follow.Pest Control - Ant control san antonio


Before any kind of treatment is done, there has to be a thorough inspection carried out so that you are able to get your ant problem fully under control. Our team of experts will be able to do the inspection for you in the right way so as to ensure that they are doing the right thing. They will inspect the doors, carpet edges, all areas that are around the kitchen including the kitchen itself and also windows. They easiest way to get rid of the ants is by finding out where the colony is nesting by figuring out where it is they take their food. Our experts will also inspect the house in the mulch, foundation arrears and also the vegetation surrounding your home. This inspection is very important so that we are able to get rid of all the ants and also use measures that will prevent them from coming back.

Carpenter ants

At our pest control company, we give special considerations to ants known as carpenter ants which are known to be very active during the evening hours when they are trying to look for food. Our experts will also give you some tips on how to control ants at night. This is done by following their trail after setting a bite for them then destroying the whole colony together with their nest. On top of the various treatments that we will be able to use to control ants, below are some tips on how to prevent carpenter ants from invading your home.

Eliminate any kind of soil and wood contacts

Trim all the trees and bushes that are around your house or make sure that they do not touch your house

Remove all the dead stumps around your home and property and learn to store all your firewood away from the ground

Fix all the moisture problems in your home or property.
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