Rodent Control San Antonio – Mice

This Blog was posted for you By Your Pest Control San Antonio - Jenkins Pest and Lawn Mice Control One of the most common rodents that have really proven to disturb people is a mouse. Mice have adapted themselves to live with humans. Mice are found in almost every place that you find human activity. [...]

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Stinging Insect Control – Wasps

Wasps and Wasp Control The wasp is a common problem throughout the summer. They are social insects that form colonies inside nests. Nests are often found in soil banks, roof spaces, and in areas within trees and walls. Biology The queen wasp will emerge from its hibernation around mid-April time and will search for a [...]

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Mosquitos and Bed Bugs | Jenkins Pest Control San Antonio

Mosquitos and Bed Bugs | Jenkins Pest Control San Antonio Both bed bug and mosquito bites can appear as small, itchy red bumps, so it can be difficult to tell which insect you may be dealing with. It is critical to be able to determine which type of bite you are dealing with, so pest [...]

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Termite Treatment and Extermination

Termite Treatment and Extermination "Termites are bugs that eat wood." I once heard from a 7 year old. Although true, there are some other bugs that eat wood. Termite food consists of cellulose obtained from wood. Protozoa in their digestive tracts convert the cellulose into usable food. Termites have a caste system consisting of the [...]

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Bee’s Can Be Dangerous on Your Property

Bee's Can Be Dangerous on Your Property Bee removals required when the bees’ presence constitutes a danger to humans or their pets. Despite the honey bees’ painful sting people generally hold bees in high regard. This is most likely due to their usefulness as pollinators and as producers of honey, their social nature, and their [...]

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Rat Control – Rodent Removal. Extermination

Rat Control - Rodent Removal. Extermination The very thought of a rat infestation has a very profound effect on us. There is often an air of disgust and a hint of fright when we encounter a rat. The very thought of the diseases those little paws carry is enough to send a chill down your [...]

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Ant Control – Exterminators San Antonio

Ant Control - Exterminators San Antonio Ants tend to live in colonies and have been found to be very social insects. However, they may be a bother especially if they invade your home and that is why at JPC pest control Gold coast, we know the importance of not only getting rid of the ants, [...]

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Rodent Control Rats and Mice

Rodent Control Rats and Mice Rats are one of the most common types of pests that cause a lot of damage to people. Sometimes trying to get rid of rats on your own can prove to be hectic. Rats can live almost anyone in your house, but the most common place is the attics and [...]

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