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Don’t let the Bed Bugs Bite you

Don’t let the Bed Bugs Bite you

Do you know that the term “bugs” was first coined in order to mean bed bugs? These red little critters are so annoying that they were given a completely different term to be classified. For dealing with bed bugs Exterminator San Antonio provides specialized services that will leave you feeling as if they never existed in the first place. Have you recently bought some second hand furniture? Given the deals you get for these, you are very likely to have some at your home. bedbug control san antonio But did you know that these are a major carrier of bed bugs? If you can fit in so much as a credit card into a crack, bed bugs can lurk there. And factor into this the problem that these little critters are not immediately noticeable by eye. You might wake up in the morning to find red patches and rashes on your arms and discard them as being mosquito bites. But have you ever thought that there might be a whole bed bug infestation lurking right beneath your mattress? Even if they are not beneath your mattress, these can lurk about in just about every nook possible. And they are increasingly becoming more resistant to the usual poisons we employ for killing them. Our highly specialized staff will help you deal with these annoying pests even before they become a nuisance to your household.

A recent study has shown that humans are not the only ones for bringing in these bugs into their homes. True, that staying at a hotel might be major cause for these getting an entry to your house in your luggage, but that might not be the only way. Your pets and wild animals like birds are just as susceptible. Have you recently seen your dog getting irritated by the slightest of things? Has your cat started losing fur? These are all major signs that bed bugs might have infected them. Take them for an examination today and put your mind at rest. If you have noticed even a few of those pests lurking about, chances are, you are practically living on top of an infestation. In the context of bed bugs Exterminator San Antonio would be happy to provide you services which are practically guaranteed to last you a lifetime. San Antonio Pest control

Contrary to the popular belief, bed bugs do not like dirty places. Nice and clean places are just as susceptible to them as the dirty ones. What they do prefer though, are moisture, warmth and Carbon Dioxide. But reducing the clutter in your home can effectively help you see them sooner rather than later so that you might call for professional help. Sure signs of them occurring is the red skin they shed periodically and the white eggs they lay at dark places. Not only are these an ungainly sight, they provide a very bad impression of your home to outsiders. For dealing with your bed bugs Exterminator San Antonio is the most obvious choice. With tremendous feedback from customers, our most valued staff are always ready for all your pest needs.

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