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Both bed bug and mosquito bites can appear as small, itchy red bumps, so it can be difficult to tell which insect you may be dealing with. It is critical to be able to determine which type of bite you are dealing with, so pest control professionals know how to take care of the problem.pest control san antonio - jenkins pest

How to Tell the Difference

Knowing the physical traits of a particular bug bite is not necessarily enough to determine which type of bug is biting you. There are several other things to consider. You need to look for other evidence. For instance, if you are dealing with bed bugs, you will likely find bed bug eggs and feces when you inspect the crevices of your mattress, however if you live in an area where it is warmer and your window screens have holes in them or are missing, then the culprit could be mosquitoes getting into your home. More on this website

Characteristics of Bed Bug Bites vs Mosquito Bites

Bed bug bites typically appear in a linear fashion, where your body meets the mattress. Mosquito bites are often found in random, isolated places on the body. While both insects will feed on exposed skin, mosquitoes won’t bite through clothes.

Mosquito bites also tend to produce instantly visible, white bumps with an irregular red border around it and they will itch immediately. Usually over a couple of days, the bite will change to a tiny red bump and mosquito bites resolve themselves quickly. With bed bug bites, they can appear quickly or even days later and some may not have any reaction at all to the bites. The flat, red bumps that appear do not tend to itch right away, but can start to over time. These bites are never white, like mosquito bites are in the beginning.

Dangers of Bed Bug Bites vs Mosquito Bites

Mosquito bites are definitely more dangerous based on what we know. Mosquitoes carry many serious diseases such as Zika, West Nile and Malaria. To most, though, mosquito bites cause nothing more than an annoyance for a couple of days. Some people may have an allergic reaction, leading to larger welts that take longer to go away. Bed bugs have not been found in studies to spread diseases. Some people can develop allergic reactions to bed bug bites, resulting in various degrees of symptoms from an intense itch and inflamed rash to hives, fever and breathing difficulties.bed bug control - pest controlsan antonio

Preventing Bed Bug and Mosquito Bites

To reduce the risks of being bitten by bed bugs or bringing them home, take these necessary precautions:

Always check your hotel mattresses, furniture and linens when you check in, while traveling
Also while traveling, keep your luggage up off the floor and off the bed or other furniture.
Avoid purchasing used mattresses and furniture.
If you have any suspicion at all, you should call a pest control professional immediately to help you get the problem under control and prevent future outbreaks.

If you frequently deal with mosquito bites and would like to try and reduce the number of mosquito bites you deal with each year, here are some tips:

Insure there is no stagnant water anywhere near or around your home.
Plant citronella, eucalyptus or lavender around your home. The smells of these plans deters mosquitoes.
When outdoors, dress in light colors and use a bug-spray or lotion that repels mosquito, preferably without DEET in it.

When camping, use a mosquito net. You can place an electric bug repellent near areas of your home that attract the most mosquitoes.
If the problem is out of control and you aren’t able to get relief in these ways, contact a mosquito control professional.

Eliminating the Problem

Being able to tell the difference between the characteristics of bed bug bites and mosquito bites is only the first step. Sometimes mosquitoes can be taken care of on your own, but if the problem is out of hand, a pest professional can still help, although it is nearly impossible to eliminate the problem altogether. However, they can reduce the number by up to 70 or 80%. Bed bugs, on the other hand, can multiply quickly and eliminating them should not be taken into your own hands. If you think you have bed bugs, contact our pest control professionals right away. We can put together a treatment plan that will take care of your current problem and help prevent future infestations. Call Jenkins Pest Control in San Antonio today!
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