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Roaches are a problem in Atlanta and surrounding areas. They are one of the most disgusting pests out there, they are a health concern to both children and families alike. They smell, leave behind shells and droppings. They are mostly nocturnal behind found at night and need a moist environment to live in. One or two cockroaches can lead to an infestation of roaches attacking your home. You need a professional that can properly get rid of the roaches inside your home. Don’t let these roaches ruin your home, call your local exterminator today!Pest Control San An tonic - Roaches or visit this website


Spiders are not insects because they are arachnids. This means that they have different habits than other insects. Spiders hunt the insects and can inject poisonous venom. Sometimes the venom is not lethal but their bites can cause health concerns as well as being painful. They can be difficult to control because they do not groom themselves and they keep themselves away from most surfaces. That’s why most pesticides labeled to control spiders only work with direct contact. Most professionals don’t have a solution, they just insist in getting rid of the food source. Bulwark is here with a spider control solution that specifically targets the spiders and destroys their presence.Pest control


Ants are a large presence in the world. The ones that you see in your home represent a small portion of the population, the foragers. The foragers are in charge of providing food for the colony. You won’t see the rest of the nest. Ants can be difficult to exterminate because they sense the common chemicals used to exterminate ants. That’s why you need the help of a professional. Here at Bulwark we are researching the most effective solutions for ant control. Not just any exterminator will do. You need a quality solution that can be found with Bulwark Exterminating. We are here for your ant control needs.Pest Control


Crickets are annoying. They keep you up at night. But they can also cause damage. They will diet on your cotton, silk, and wool damaging your clothes. Here at Bulwark we focus on the entry points, preventing crickets from entering the home in the first place. In most cases this will solve the problem. But if an indoor treatment is needed Bulwark will focus on using baits. Bulwark creates three lines of defense. We eliminate moisture pints in the yard, then we maintain a perimeter around the base of your home and finally we attack the entry points creating the third line of defense. Even if you don’t mind the crickets they can also increase the spider population.

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