Cockroach Control

Our pest control company is experienced and uses the highest quality products, that are proven effective solutions to your cockroach control needs while being friendly to the environment as well as safe for your child and pet. Our knowledge and understanding of controlling cockroaches allow us to determine where cockroaches usually live and hide, and what safe and environmentally friendly products to apply. Cockroaches tend to pick up almost anything they come across from food materials to biological wastes. This behavior enables them to get diseases that may survive within their systems for many months. These diseases can be easily passed on to humans, especially to your child, making cockroaches very dangerous. This is the reason why getting cockroach control is very important, especially if you have young children running around your property or if you’re in the food and beverage business. More on Pest Control San Antonio here

Roaches usually lurk in corners of your cupboards or behind a unit. Cockroaches are nocturnal and spotting them during the day means that you already have a large infestation. Calling our experts can solve your problem with cockroaches fast with only minimal disturbances. Our cockroach control experts can arrive at your place at the agreed time and day. We have the right technology and vast experience to offer a practical and fast solution to your cockroach control needs.

We offer cockroach control to commercial and residential properties. Our cockroach control processes start with an inspection of cockroach-prone areas such as crevices and cracks near the bathroom, laundry, kitchen, microwaves, stereo system, ovens, fridge, door hinges, ply boards, roof, etc. We then treat these areas using the right equipment and harmless products.

Do you know? There are nearly four thousand cockroach species in the world. Cockroaches have the ability to live even without their heads for an entire week. The word cockroaches mean crazy bug, which is derived from the Spanish word Cucaracha. The German cockroach is the most common pest. German cockroaches are small in size, enough for them to pass through a bit of crack. Other types of cockroaches are the brown-banded cockroach, American cockroach, Australia cockroach, smoky brown cockroach, and oriental cockroach.

Cockroaches eat almost everything, including human hair, fingernails, fabric, leather, wood, shoes, paint, glue, soap, toothpaste, coffee, cigarette butts, feces, etc. Cockroaches may spread a range of bacteria, like streptococcus, staphylococcus, and the most famous salmonella as well as viruses such as poliovirus. Cockroach debris is a powerful allergen, which greatly affects asthma. You can prevent cockroach infestation by keeping your floors and other areas grease-free or free from other food scraps.